Chocolatines 24k Diamond Collection 9 piece

Where would you go for the holiday of your dreams? A wine tasting on the French Riviera? Some place warm like Costa Rica? Maybe a world-renowned spa in the mountains of Nepal? Perhaps springtime in Paris followed by a Mediterranean cruise?

Chocolatines allows you to take a whirlwind journey with every bite of our decadent chocolate truffles and unique creations. From Himalayan Sea Salt to Chocolate Dipped Persimmon and a variety of seasonal favorites, you will be introduced to new cultures in style.

No matter your budget or your audience, Chocolatines has the perfect gift for everyone. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and find a few favorites to share with your family and friends!

Chef Rieko Wada

Chef Rieko with her chocolate creations

Chef Rieko Wada, a graduate of the French Pastry School, has traveled the world for decades for inspiration and in search of the finest ingredients. She has performed numerous blind taste tests to ensure that her line of decadent chocolates are the best..

In 2004, Wada started Chocolatines, a Sweet Endeavours company. The Japanese-born entrepreneur wanted to fulfill her mission of bringing joy to people through her culinary creations.

Wada continues to fulfill her mission by creating stunning chocolates, which integrate her Japanese heritage, interior designing background and international travel experiences. As Wada introduces new flavors and evolves the way the world views chocolate, she receives numerous awards and recognition. Her collections are featured at award ceremonies including the Annual GRAMMY® Awards and the Annual Academy Awards.