Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks
Chocolate Barks

Chocolate Barks

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Night Bark

72% dark chocolate surrounds a forest of black mission figs with fresh citrus notes from candied orange zest. Roasted, crushed almonds complete your search for the perfect dessert!

Day Bark

The sweetness of white chocolate combines with a sprinkling of Japanese "peppercorn" and a crunch of white sesame for an unexpected and delightful experience.

Dark Curry Bark

Love spice? This 72% dark chocolate bark is seasoned with Hungarian paprika, spicy curry and toasted pumpkin seeds. So flavorful and rich, order an extra package to share!

White Curry Bark

Need a dessert with a slight kick? Our white chocolate bark is kissed with sweet curry and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Matcha Sesame Bark

Matcha with 38% white chocolate creates a harmonious balance of aromatic sweetness. Sprinkles of black sesame add nutty undertones to perfect this palate-pleasing experience.

Genmai Bark

Roasted brown rice with sea salt sprinkled on 72% dark chocolate. Enjoy this smoky, crunchy delightful bark. 

Pink Peppercorn Bark

Freshly ground pink peppercorn dances on a canvas of 38% white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. This savory dessert is a smooth sweetness with a floral kick!

Espresso Bark

Roasted espresso beans generously blended with 38% white chocolate. Guaranteed to satisfy chocolate cravings. Smell, bite and savor. 

Blue Cheese Bark

Blue cheese and 72% dark chocolate make a marvelous match that is simply irresistible. Take your taste buds to a heightened sensation as the pungent blue cheese is embraced by the bitter sweetness of dark chocolate.  

Scotch Bark

Sweet apricots mingle with scotch and 72% chocolate to create a chocolate bark for the sophisticated palate. Smell, bite and savor.

Bed of Roses

White chocolate, cocoa butter and vanilla to create the perfect white chocolate pleasure. Adorned with fresh rose petals to let your palate enjoy exploring new flavors and textures.

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