Contempo Collection
Contempo Collection

Contempo Collection

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Reflecting the merging of traditional French methods with a modern flair, this collection showcases Chocolatines' signature flavors. From classic to exotic, the Contempo Collection offers a unique fusion of flavors Influenced by Chef Wada's Japanese heritage and her travels around the world.

9-piece flavors include: Almond, Curry Kaffir, Apple Cinnamon Caramel, Moka, Port Wine, Macadamia, Chai Tea, Pistachio and Raspberry.

12-piece flavors include: Sencha Truffle, Earl Grey Tea, Chai Tea, Raspberry, Cassis, Champagne, Pear Caramel Liqueur, Port Wine, Almond, Espresso, Lavender Honey and Pink Peppercorn.

16-piece flavors include: Espresso (2), Earl Grey Tea (2), Chai Tea (2), Ginger Caramel, Raspberry (2), Champagne, Pear Caramel Liqueur (2), Pink Peppercorn Truffle, Curry Kaffir, Moka and Almond.

*Flavors will be selected based on available stock.

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